Beer goes with camping like peanut butter goes with jelly! As a great man once said, “camping without beer is just sitting in the woods.” And Ron Swanson was right. There are over 300 breweries in New England, pouring incredible craft beers in beautiful locations. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Catskill Brewery

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This family run brewery specializes in fresh ales and lagers! All natural, this location boasts of using mountain water and all natural ingredients. Their brick and mortar shop is right on the production floor. Not only do they have great beer, they’ll be happy to give you a bowl of popcorn to go with your brew. This is the kind of place both, a beer critic and a casual drinker, can enjoy.

Popular Brews: Floodwatch IPA, Nightshine Black Lager, Eye of Newt Red Ale

Closest campsite: Haven Catskills Campground, 0.5 miles

2. Kent Falls Brewery


The brewery has one of the most diverse lists of beer to chose from, and they’re all excellent! This is a brewery where families are welcome. Known for its farmhouse beer, symbiotic with the farm the brewery is located on! Let your kids go play in the farm while you kick back and taste test!

Popular Brews: Buckwheat Grisette, Getaway IPA, Gratitude

Closest campsite: Meadow Ridge Farm, 6.6 miles

3. Baxter Brewing Company

Baxter Brewing Company

This famous brewery is a great place to visit! Thursday-Saturday at 2pm you can take a walking and tasting tour. This is a nice little stop that has a great selection of beers. They’re also the first craft brewery in New England to can all their beers.

Popular Brews: Stowaway IPA, Tarnation Lager, Pamola Ale

Closest campsite: Slippery Rock River Retreat, 6.9 miles

4. Rough Cut Brewery

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If you’re looking to have a meal with your beverage, this place is for you. Rustic and delicious, Rough Cut is a good place to take a seat and have one of their signature beers. Formerly Oscar Restaurant this place still makes a great burger.

Popular Brews: Deserted Island IPA, Minnewaska Trail Pale Ale, Shawangunk Brown Ale

Closest campsites: Lothlorien, Starlight Starbright, under 6 miles from each campsite!

5. Roscoe Beer Company, Roscoe, NY

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The owners believe their beer represents a taste of Roscoe. We couldn’t agree more! You can grab a comfy chair by a fireplace and just hang for awhile. This location got number one in Taste NY Craft Beer Challenge. An excellent pit stop for wings and a beer.

Popular Brews: Trout Town Two Headed Stout

Closest campsite: Whispering Pines Campsite, 0.3 Miles

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