Tentrr provides the epic campsite

Here at Tentrr we make camping dirt simple, which means you can kick back and relax and experience the outdoors without having to worry about pitching a tent, so you can enjoy nature and totally recharge! One of our biggesst FAQs is what the camper should bring. Well, we got you. Here are some things you'll want to bring on your camping trip, plus some suggestions to make your experience killer.

What do you always bring on your camping trip? Let us know in the comment section.



  • A flashlight for each camper
  • A lantern
  • Bathing suits, or don't, and you know just... NVM pack bathing suits.
  • Towels—air drying is an option but for laying in the grass, a towel is a must
  • A set of clean queen-size sheets and pillow cases.
  • Extra pillows and blankets for coziness
  • Fire supplies: a reliable lighter, starter wood, newspapers, and firewood. Note: some of our sites provide logs for firewood!
  • Rain gear (if rain is in the forecast) such as ponchos and waterproof boots

One of the best parts of camping is eating outdoors! Here are some supplies that will help to make your stay tasty:



  • Stop by a meat vendor for some killer tomahawk steaks,sausages, and ribs.
  • Local coffee, stop by a shop on your way up, and talk to some locals about their favorite local beans! We reccomend making a pitstop at FosterBuilt Coffee if camping near Bovina.
  • Camp mugs—metal or plastic
  • A cooler filled with ice for refrigerated items
  • Pots and pans appropriate for your campstove
  • A kettle for boiling water
  • Telescoping skewers for cooking hot dogs or marshmallows over the fire

The boring, but important necessities:

Personal items


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellant

Finally, here are a few more add-ons to make your stay even more enjoyable:



  • Camera
  • A compact portable phone charger (make sure it’s fully charged before your trip)
  • Battery powered wireless speakers for listening to music
  • A battery-powered fan if you’re camping during the heat of the summer
  • Playing cards
  • A good book