These lakeside glamping sites are equipped with all the amenities you’d need for an ultra-comfy stay. Think queen bed, extravagant canvas tent, adirondack chairs, sun shower, campfire grill, and more. Yeah… It’s definitely a unique (and memorable!) way to experience a getaway out in the wildlife.

This time, we’re covering some special lake camping we offer. These are sites to drool over. Imagine peeking out of your tent to see the sunrise/sunset glaring over the pristine waters. Yes! That’s just how close you’ll be at some of these sites!

Below you’ll find some of our favorite lake camping offerings, all fully equipped as a Tentrr Signature Site should be!

Whooping Crane Farm - TN

On the other side of the country, located only 12 miles from Nashville, Tennessee, we have more lake camping: Whooping Crane Farm. Here, your site is located on a very wide river called the Cumberland River (beautiful!).

There are also a few ponds on the property you’ll be camping on. These ponds were formed due to mining operations in the 20th century, but are now home to a plethora of wildlife including owls, ducks, herons, and songbirds. Your Campkeeper, Loran, who owns the land, offers kayak rentals for an extra fee.

Lake Scanewa Get Away - WA

Now, way far away from the American South, we arrive at some lake camping on the West Coast. In Washington State, we have our mountainous Lake Scanewa Get Away. Although this article is highlighting our many lake-side “glamping sites,” we had to throw in this one Backcountry Site. The views make this place a paradise and highly sought after!

You’ll camp directly on the lake here, and will be within an hours drive of Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Rainer. At this site, you’ll get a fire pit, bench, and some decent campfire chairs, but nothing more. So grab your tent and fishing pole and enjoy some quality time fishing and hiking on these beautiful lands.

The Look Out at Chill Hill - NY

In upstate New York, we have The Look Out at Chill Hill, a premier hideaway in the Adirondacks with miles of mountain and lake views. This Signature Site of ours is highly sought out for its miraculous sunrises, unreal fall colors, and, of course, its lake access. The site is only a five-minute drive from the Lake George.

Your Campkeeper, Adam, suggests that you head to LaChute River Trails and Cook Mountain Preserve for the incredible scenic views on offer. Also, says Adam, do take a guided pontoon boat tour on at least one body of water.

Slippery Rock Trails, LLC - ME

Up the East Coast a-ways in Maine, we have our final (though arguably most beautiful) lake camping: Slippery Rock Trails. Located directly on the banks of the Androscoggin River, this is another one of our Signature Sites that is popular for lake-views directly outside our deluxe canvas tent (equipped with a queen bed and wood stove, by the way).

Come to Slippery Rock for its plethora of hiking opportunities in 400 acres of forest. Wildlife is in abundance and you’ll have opportunities to explore the river by boat! Your Campkeeper, John, offers canoe and kayak rentals for an extra fee.