Michigan provides many opportunities for luxurious, comfortable camping. Yet, the harsh Michigan winters may seem more daunting than comfortable. But don't fret, Tentrr is the key to unlocking great camping experiences no matter what time of year it is.

Why is Tentrr a better option for cold weather camping (or glamping)? Because Tentrr has the fully-equipped sites—complete with canvas tents, built atop wooden platforms—to deal with all four seasons. So, if you're in the mood to escape into nature, read on to see some of our favorite glamping spots in Michigan.

1. Sleeper State Park Beach Side

This small, well-equipped campsite is located less than 5 miles away from the lakeside town of Caseville, just over 100 miles north of Detroit.

You’ll find the site on the shores of the spectacular Lake Huron, with free, easy access to a nearby beach and the 723 acre Sleeper State Park.

This particular campsite includes a large Tentrr canvas tent. You can stay the night at this site with up to 5 other campers, and you can bring your dog with you to this pet-friendly campground.

Glamping enthusiasts will love the comfy queen-sized bed, as well as the heavy-duty Adirondack chairs, the raised decking, and the fire pit. They’ll also appreciate the grill, which comes in handy when you want to cook some burgers and hot dogs after a long day of hiking (or relaxing by the lake).

Worried about getting cold during the winter months? Take a look at Tentrr’s winter-ready guarantee and a list of suitable sites that will keep you warm and cozy all-year-round!

2. Superior Serenity

You’ll discover this campsite nestled in among trees and just a few feet away from the south shore of Lake Superior. Those seeking a natural refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life will love this spot, with its stargazing opportunities and unfiltered views across the largest freshwater lake in the world!

Upon arrival, you’ll find a heavy-duty canvas tent with a set of Adirondack deckchairs, a trash can, a water carrier, and functioning shower and restroom facilities.

Those wanting to smoke or grill up their own meat, to create a cozy barbecue vibe, will love the wood-burning stove. While water sports enthusiasts will appreciate the kayak rental service offered by Tony, the camp keeper.

3. Highland Rec Area Wooded Site

This campsite holds up to 6 visitors, and it is situated in the middle of Highland Recreational Area, just over 40 miles northwest of downtown Detroit.

You won’t have to sacrifice any comfort or convenience when you use this campground. There are many restaurants, stores, and outdoor gear shops nearby, and the queen-size bed is as roomy and comfortable as anything you'd get in a hotel room.

Mountain bike fans will love the challenging local trails, while hikers appreciate the sleepy, wooded paths and lakeside ambles this area has to offer.

There are also plenty of smaller freshwater lakes in this area for those who want to spend some time swimming or playing other water sports. So, don’t be afraid to take a dip in the clean, refreshing water.

4. Highland Rec Area Teeple Lake

This particular site is also situated in the Highland Recreation Area, around a 50-minute drive from the heart of Detroit. You’ll find this heavy-duty canvas tent along the shores of Teeple Lake.

This lake has a picturesque beach that runs along its south shoreline. Here, you can play volleyball and gather around the picnic tables for a lazy family barbecue.

Nearby, you’ll find nearly 20 miles of mountain biking trails through the woods, as well as 17 miles of hiking paths that take you through blooming wildflowers and lush, green shrubs.

Michigan has vast areas of stunning natural beauty, and there are many high-quality glamping options for those seeking some respite from busy city life. Check out all of Tentrr's great options for glamping in Michigan.