Did you know that Tentrr offers opportunities to sleep beside the beach throughout the United States. It’s true! Our beach camping, whether it be on a lake or ocean or both, brings water-loving campers close to coastal nature in the comfort of our Tentrr setup.

You’ll wake up in your queen bed underneath the canvas of your large warm tent. You’ll roll over, make coffee on the wood stove, then bring your morning concoction to enjoy near the water. Or perhaps you’ll enjoy it on your adirondack chairs situated on the wooden deck. These are only some of the features you’ll enjoy at our coastal setups. They are perfect for glampers, that is, visitors who wish to experience the outdoors while equipped with comforting amenities they use at home (think bathroom, shower, cooking supplies, etc.).

Enjoy these coastal Tentrr signature sites. For kicks, we’ll throw in a backcountry site as well. We hope you spot something nearby!

Maurolou Farm - Rhode Island

Maurolou Farm provides splendid beach camping near Quicksand Pond on the coast of Rhode Island. This site is located between your Campkeeper Susan’s woods and farm pastures. Susan is kind enough to lend her canoe, hammock, and fire pit.

As promised, here, the beach is just around the corner. Along with the beach, campers also enjoy the site of swans on a clear night, a star filled sky, and nearby activities. The site is near Providence and Little Compton, an idyllic fishing/farming town. Within 15 minutes of camp, campers flock to wonderful artisan shops, breweries, and more.

Best of Both: Forest and Beach - Oregon

As promised, here’s our backcountry site. On the opposite side of the country, we provide beach camping near Seal Rock, Oregon. Again, Forest and Beach is a backcountry site, an open plot of land for campers who wish to experience barebones camping and bring their own tents and gear.

This beach camping is magnificent as a backcountry spot. It’s located only 5 minute’s drive from Oregon’s best beaches. Camp is settled, as its name implies, in a forest among tall grasses (in summer) as well as among all-you-can-eat blackberries.

Your Campkeeper, Andrea, is a nurse and organic gardener who is happy to share this land that has been in her family for over 50 years!

Artemis - California

Keeping to the West Coast for now, we have another signature site beach camping spot known as Artemis. Located among the magnificent redwoods of Northern California, this site is for the comfortable camper wishing to experience stunning hikes, bicycling, and Santa Cruz mountain views to the west of camp. Campers are within the city of Santa Cruz and its local beaches while staying at Artemis.

Here you get all the amenities that come with our signature sites. Also note that your Campkeeper, Gwyneth, provides sheets, pillows, and blankets as well as an extra air mattress for extra fees.

New Adventure near Lake Michigan - Michigan

Far from the enticing salty smells of the pacific, we have some enticing beach camping located in Lake Michigan. This is lake-beach camping of course, for New Adventure is situated near Holland on the shores of the lake.

Come check out New Adventure for a slice of seclusion near what your Campkeeper Beth calls “one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes in the world.” As with Artemis and Maurolou Farm, this is a Tentrr signature site where you can expect the comforting, glamping-esque amenities that we provide (massive tent, queen bed, wood stove, adirondack chairs, etc.)