Hey, New York City! We have a special announcement for you.

For the past few months, we've been scheming a collaboration with renowned mosaic artist Jim Bachor. Mr. Bachor is well-known for turning street-potholes into works of art by semi-permanently installing mosaic tiles with cement into their crevices. We worked with Jim to come up with three fantastical, whimsical woodland creatures that we feel represent Tentrr in it's earliest stage -- there's our signature fox, frolicking in the forest, an otter splashing in a nearby pond, and an owl speaking (or hooting! get it?) in the night time...we hope to add to this list over time, as we welcome all types of woodland creatures to our regional Tentrr sites. But have you ever seen one of these animals on the streets of New York City (hint: more specifically, Brooklyn) before? Probably not, so now, you can.

Bachor has since taken creative license to place our woodland creatures throughout Brooklyn neighborhoods, and we invite you to go and find them for a chance to win sweet Tentrr prizes and live the woodland creature-experience yourself. We couldn't imagine a better way to get our characters instilled in New York City's streets.



Runner Up: find, post on Instagram, and tag (#FindTheWoodlandCreatures) and (@tentrrco) any 1 of the 3 Tentrr creatures (listed below with hints to their location). You will automatically be entered to win a $25 Tentrr gift card, a limited edition t-shirt of the creature you found, and a pin!

Grand Prize: find, post on Instagram, and tag (#FindTheWoodlandCreatures) and (@tentrrco) all 3 of our characters, and you will automatically be entered to win $150 to use on your next Tentrr trip, along with the Tentrr swag listed above!

Winners will be chosen at random on Friday, 7/26 at 11:59pm. In order for your entries to count, you must use the hashtag #FindTheWoodlandCreatures, as well as the creature you spotted, which may be a (#BushwickFox), (#ProspectParkOwl), or (#DumboOtter).

Make sure to move quickly (like a fox) -- this guerilla art certainly won't last forever!

Good luck, and happy exploring.

#BushwickFox #FindTheWoodlandCreatures

#DumboOtter #FindTheWoodlandCreatures

#ProspectParkOwl #FindTheWoodlandCreatures