When Henry David Thoreau went to Walden Pond, he wrote “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

Tentrr believes that this is the reason that all of us are drawn to camping, to getting back to nature and to embracing the wilderness: to see if we could learn what the natural world has to teach and not, when it comes time to die, discover that we had not lived.

Whether you’re camping at a Tentrr site on the Gulf Coast of Florida, lakeside in the red and yellow leaves of Maine in autumn, in one of many State Parks, you get to be immersed in nature without the hassle that usually accompanies camping:  Tentrr takes the hassle out of camping - there’s no tent to set up, no firewood to gather and no firepit to dig. Plus, you get a great night’s sleep on a comfortable bed. This isn’t camping—this is glamping.

The New York Times wrote that “Tentrr gives you a comfortable and stylish place to enjoy the outdoors.” And it’s true. Tentrr is all of the good about camping without the hassles.

Whether you’re a camper who wants an upscale nature experience, or whether you’re a landowner who wants to create this kind of prepared glamping experience for others, Tentrr has a solution for you.

Get Off the Beaten Path, But Do It In Style

With more than 1000 campsites in nearly every state in America, you can seek after virtually any experience that you’re looking for.

Want the serenity of a Utah red-rock desert, complete with petroglyphs and the best stargazing you can find in the country? We’ve got a campsite prepared for that in Kodachrome Basin or Fairview Acres.

Want a fishing adventure where you can catch prize-winning bass from the relaxation you can only find on the gentle rolling waves of a lake or river? Come to Thousand Lakes, New York, or Lake Guntersville, Alabama, or Clear Lake, California.

Want an adrenaline-pounding adventure? Try rock climbing in Rock Creek, Tennessee, whitewater rafting in the Klamath River, California, or water skiing or wakeboarding on Lake D’Arbonne, Louisiana.

More Than 1000 Tentrr Campsites, Ready and Waiting

The last thing that you want to do (when you finally get to your glorious location and see all of the gorgeous scenery and are eager to get out into the wilds or, alternately, you’re tired from a drive or a flight and just want to relax) is to have to set up a tent (which is never as easy as it sounds), pound stakes into ground (they never go in straight), collect firewood (leave no trace), or lug all your gear in and out of a site.

You don’t want to do all of that. You want the relaxing glamping vacation you’ve been planning for, been saving up your PTO days for and been counting down the days for. Why waste so much of your precious vacation time building a camp when it is already done and waiting and ready when you arrive?

Browse Tentrr’s extensive list of campsites and see what they have to offer. Some are simple tents (but already set up and with the campsite prepared and ready for you). Some are a little more upscale, with a large canvas tent in which you can stand up straight and treat it like a little cabin. And some are the pinnacle of comfort, on elevated platforms so you’re not sitting on the ground, up in tent-cabins that have all the comforts of a hotel, but in the great outdoors.

This is truly camping (and glamping) on your own terms, in the way that is most comfortable and accessible to you.

Speaking of accessibility, Tentrr is a perfect way for people who have mobility challenges to enjoy the experiences of camping in nature without having to struggle with all of the disruptive challenges that are presented by trying guywires, folding canvas, constructing cots, and other difficult activities that might have previously prevented someone with limited mobility from camping in nature’s wonderlands.

Make Memories On Your Terms

Tentrr is perfect for all demographics. If you live in the city, then there’s a good chance you don’t even own a tent; where would you store a lot of camping gear if you lived in Manhattan, but you really want to get out to the Finger Lakes for a week?

If you are traveling with kids, you know that the drive to the campsite can be a stressful ordeal as they ask “are we there yet?” and complain about how long it’s taking. Kids just want to get out into the fields, beaches, and playgrounds. When you get to the campsite, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t need to set anything up?

What if you’re traveling, but you’re in your golden years and just don’t have the spring in your step that you used to? Or you’re not as ready to sleep on the ground, or struggle with a tent, or carry a lot of heavy equipment. Select a campsite with all the amenities that you’re looking for: a fully erected spacious tent with a comfortable memory foam mattress, an in tent heater and a roof high enough that you don’t have to hunch over.

Or what if you’re so overloaded with your fun gear--your mountain bikes, or your snowshoes, or your rock climbing equipment, or your canoe on the roof?   Maybe you even have a couple of dogs in the back seat? You might not have room for all of your camping equipment! Tentrr will take care of that.

Be Part of the Fun — Become A CampKeeper

Does making money from your property and helping people experience the outdoors sound like something that you’d want to be involved in? Perhaps you have land near a catfish-filled lake, or are near to a tourist attraction, or a forest full of waterfalls? Tentrr makes it easy for you to become a CampKeeper.

Tentrr partners with land owners who want to act as hosts and be a resource for guests.  Tentrr delivers a Tentrr Signature kit: the entire campsite ready for the perfect spot that you have picked out: Deck, tent, beds, tables--we take care of everything. All you have to do is greet your guests, welcome them to the site, and then enjoy some extra revenue in your pocket. It’s a turnkey solution to using land that could otherwise be unused. Share your own little slice of heaven with these campers.


Whether you’re a camper looking for a chance to get away from it all, but looking for the ease of doing it on your terms, or whether you’re a property owner with land that is good for camping, Tentrr is here to help. Get away to the woods, or bring people to your property. Either way, the campers are going to have the time of their lives, and do it with ease and less hassle.

Are you ready to go glamping in style? Are you ready to turn your property into a revenue-generating campsite?

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