The Proposal at Little Bear
Starting as one of our VIC's (Very Important Campers) these two were no strangers to Tentrr, and definintely not strangers to the Little Bear campsite in Kingston, New York. With the insider knowledge of the immacualte private swimming hole just a short walk from the campsite, this proposal was all planned out. Upon exiting the crystal clear water, the ring was presented and she said YES!

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The Proposal at The Vineyard
This couple were looking for a place to camp right before Labor Day weekend. Both were ‘city kids’ with almost zero camping experience and wanted more nature in their lives. Dannielle searched 'camping without the hassle' hoping to find something that provided ample equipment so they could safely test the water, and stumbled upon Tentrr. After signing up they quickly were confirmed at 'The Vineyard' with Tom in Acamp, CA. On Saturday, our CampKeeper Tom and his wife met Dannielle and Tony at the site and gave them the tour. A great time was had leading up until dusk, when Tony proposed at sunset. The first day of their new lives together and as Tentrr’s first California guests, a trip well spent.

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The Proposal at The Lazy Days of Summer
This post pretty much sums it up. Enough said.

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The Wedding at East Branch
Picture this, 50 guests all eager to head out to a Tentrr campsite but not at all knowing what to expect. Located at the sister sites in East Branch, New York, Swimming Hole in the Sycamores and Riverside Retreat, the setting was absolutely breathtaking. With the wedding just at sunset, the backdrop was the sun setting over the world class east branch river. Now, are you ready to plan your wedding yet?

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