What is a Tentrr Experience Provider?

Tentrr Experience Providers are experienced fly-fishing and white water rafting guides, off-roading extraordinaires, mountain bike enthusiasts and so much more! Experience Providers bring together folks in their communities by sharing their knowledge and teaching our campers something new.

What does this do for me?

Partnering with Tentrr helps promote your brand by giving you access to our huge network of outdoor enthusiasts. You can create an experience that gives others the opportunity to learn and get outside in a way that has never been accessible before.

How does it work?

  • You give us all the relevant info about your experience - you set availability, what is included in the activity and your price.
  • We'll contact you when a camper wants to book an experience. We pair folks staying at Tentrr campsites with activities nearby for a seamless adventure.
  • Let your experience make some money. You name your price and split it 80/20 with Tentrr .

Fly Fishing
Learn how to fly fish! Enjoy a relaxing day on the Beaverkill River and learn from an expert in Roscoe, which is nicknamed Trout Town USA for its rich history and abundance of trout.

Brewery Tour
Tour a brewery! This is your chance to get to ask any question you have about the brew process. Imagine if you could ask your brewer why they chose the ingredients they did? During a brewery tour, you can!

What we'll need from you:

To make sure that our campers are always satisfied, we ask that Experience Providers keep their avaialbility calendars up to date, prices competitive with other local activities, and respond in a timely manner to reservation requests and questions.

What you'll get from us:

Tentrr is here to support you! Our campers are eager about the outdoors and looking forward to their experiences. We have a massive network of outdoor enthusiasts that can take your experience to the next level. You will also be part of all our marketing efforts. And, if you ever have a question, we are here with 24/7 support.


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