A quaint country town in the Catskills, Delhi is the perfect refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city!

A trip to Delhi leaves you feeling like you’re living in a postcard - the vintage homes, farm-to-table restaurants, the friendly community - you'll want to make this little town your new secret spot for years to come! Here are some of our favorite places in Delhi to check out when we’re looking for some small town charm:

Where to Eat

Blue Bee Cafe


For a quick and cozy bite to eat, stop in to Blue Bee Cafe! They’re located right on Main Street, so you can’t miss ‘em.This place serves great food, delicious baked goods, and their ice cream gets talked about all over town. Don’t forget to try their breakfast- the waffles are our favorite!

Tay Tea


With over ten years of specializing in teas, the folks at Tay Tea know how to brew up the best relaxation elixir for your weekend in the Catskills. They blend their teas in-house and even have a 12-foot tea bar!

What to Do

Stone and Sawyer


Specializing in stoneware table lamps, Stone and Sawyer gives you rustic charm mixed with modern design. Take home one of their pieces and make your home a little more chic! Their shop is also an excellent place to stop in on a relaxing evening stroll down Main Street. Bonus - their lamps are handmade in their Catskills studio!

Stewart’s Department Store


To take home a piece of the Catskills country lifestyle, stop at Stewart’s before you head outta town - they’ve got beautiful vintage kitchenware, locally made soaps, and even crafting supplies. The locals love the vintage feel of shopping at Stewarts, and recommend it to anyone passing through!

Country Meadows Equine Center


Take in the scenery on a horseback ride at this local gem! It’s a great spot for first timers and folks looking for a relaxing, peaceful experience in the Catskills. We absolutely love going for a ride through the lush countryside while we’re on our weekend away from the city, and we think you’ll love being able to connect with nature in such an intimate way

Where To Stay

Three Whiskers Camp

Three Whiskers Camp. Relax and gaze at the stars at this peaceful campsite! Located on a 125-year-old dairy farm, you’ll be close to all the classic spots in Delhi while having a piece of the countryside all to yourself. They even have a local, hand-woven cashmere shop directly on their land!

Photos Via TasteofTheCatSkills, AndNorth, RollYourBones, Flickr