With the new episode of Game of Thrones airing this Sunday, we are in the medieval mood. The Tentrr office is filled with chatter and speculation of what we might see this Sunday. We believe each of our campsites has a distinct personality, so naturally we had to match those distinct personalities with GoT zones. You can find parts of the Seven Kingdoms right here in the Catskills.

Moon Mountain - The Vale

Moon Mountain

Nestled in a forest clearing at 2000 ft elevation, this reminds us of The Mountains of the Moon in The Vale of Arryn.

"It stretched before them to the misty east, a tranquil land of rich black soil, wide slow-moving rivers, and hundreds of small lakes that shone like mirrors in the sun, protected on all sides by its sheltering peaks."- Catelyn Stark

Kortright Creek Kamp - The Riverlands

Kortright Creek Kamp

Fall asleep to the sound of the babbling creek – you could be in The Riverlands of House Tully.

"The land was gentle enough, rolling hills and terraced fields interspersed with meadows and woodlands and little valleys where willows crowded close to slow shallow steams ... Here farmland gave way to forest, the villages and holdfasts were smaller and farther apart, the hills higher and the valleys deeper."- thoughts of Arya Stark

Morningrise - Kingswood


This mountainside retreat tucked against the woods makes us think of the Kingswood near King's Landing.

"Here the trees rule."- Arianne Martell'

Featherbed Land and Trust - Stormlands


The tall pines in this forest retreat remind us of the heavily forested Stormlands of House Baratheon.

"This Storm's End is an old place. There are spells woven into the stones. Dark walls that no shadow can pass—ancient, forgotten, yet still in place."- Melisandre

Moore Farm - Honeyholt

[Moore Farm]

Moore Farm A working farm with beehives and wildflowers is a natural fit for House Beesbury of Honeyholt.

"Maesters believe that men have lived at the mouth of the Honeywine since the Dawn Age."

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