It’s that time of year. You know, that cold season, early in the year when you go to the store, stock up lots of your favorite snacks, snag some beers, and gather around with friends. That’s right, it’s time to watch some superb owls. Is superb owl season the greatest time of year? To that we say, yes… yes it is. Here are some of the most superb owls that can be viewed any time at Tentrr campsites.

Short Eared Owl


What an all star, this is the real quarterback. This guy is found in open fields and grasslands of all kinds. These owls are local to all our current northeast campsites. We think this one is a real Nick F-owl-es.

Recommended campsites: Heaven’s Gate, Moore Farm

Eastern Screech Owl


This loud, tiny bundle of joy likes to chill in the woods. This species has adapted exceptionally well to man-made environments. You can find this little buddy in the trees surrounding any of our campsites hidden deep in the woods, you can also find them in barns and abandoned houses. Owl-shon Jeffery, anyone?

Recommended campsites: Hopeland Rest, Heart of Watershed, The Old Game Farm Wooded

Northern Saw-Whet Owl


Could this be the cutest, most superb owl on our list? These fluffy friends spend most of their time in the forest. And if it wasn’t already adorable enough, the Northern Saw-Whet Owl makes a tooting whistle sound as its call. Say hello to Danny Amend-owl-a.

Recommended campsites: Huntley Hollow Brook, Featherbed Land and Trust

Snowy Owl


These beauties gravitate towards the cold weather, which is why they can be found in northeastern North America. Yes, it’s so cold you might look like Jack Nicholson from The Shining, but on the plus side, owls. This is one of the largest owls on the continent. They primarily hunt rodents and waterfowl. This big northern bird is our Gronk-owl-ski.

Recommended campsites: Slippery Rock River Retreat, Crooked River Camp, Wayshego on Little Mountain