Tentrr partners with Sensible Weather to reimburse campers when it rains.

While our canvas tents are waterproof and will keep you bone dry, there'll be no need to "blame it on the rain..." when your next camping trip is dampened by precipitation.

Tentrr campers can now protect their outdoor experiences by adding Sensible’s Rain Guarantee coverage to their trip, just like you would when booking a flight. For a nominal fee, the Rain Guarantee automatically reimburse campers when rain impacts their stay at a Tentrr site.


What qualifies as rain?
The Rain Guarantee covers each individual camping day, but does not include your checkout date. If a given amount of rain falls between 08:00 am and 10:00 pm, the camper will be reimbursed for the day it rains. Specific rain amounts are shown during the booking process based on location of the site and climate of the specific area.

Adding a Rain Guarantee to your trip

Can I add Rain Guarantee for my trip this weekend?
Rain Guarantee can be added if you are 5 days out from the time of booking.

Payment notification

If it rains on my trip, how do I get reimbursed?
Sensible will notify you of a Rain Guarantee reimbursement automatically and ask you to submit ACH information. No hassle, no fees.

Seamless reimbursement

How long does it take to get reimbursed?
Rain Guarantee reimbursements are based on the nightly rate, the amount of rainfall and length of rainfall. Based on the amount of rain, campers can expect a percentage of their nightly rate (or potentially the full rate) to be reimbursed.

What about CampKeepers (Tentrr hosts)?
Once a camper opts in for the Rain Guarantee, the Tentrr host gets paid for the reservation, rain or shine. The Tentrr host does not have to do anything as the Rain Guarantee reimburses the camper separately with no refunds or credits on your behalf. Win/Win for everyone!

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