Staying at GoldMine Hideaway or Sky High Estate? We’ve found some really cool places, and set up a fun-filled day for you! Head on over to Harrisburg, PA, because we’ve got a lot in store for you.

10:00am - An Eggciting Breakfast
Get your morning fuel in at Roxy’s Cafe, a local cafe that has more omelette options than you can imagine! Make sure to try their Deli Omelette if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.

11:00Am - Travel Back in Time
We learned about it in history class, but have you ever seen remnants of one of the most shaping wars in US history? We are gonna take a guess and probably not. Head on over to the National Civil War Museum and take your time to soak up the information, there’s lots of it.

2:00pm - Toma(y)to, Toma(h)to
After gaining some more knowledge about the history of the US, you may have gathered up an appetite. Head on over to Tomato Pie Cafe, and pick up a piece of their Tomato Pie (duh), with a Salted Coconut Milkshake on the side.

3:00pm - Childhood Memories
There’s nothing better than getting competitive over a childhood memory. Get your game face on, because we are sending you to H20 Golf for some mini golf! Don’t worry, you won’t get wet.. Unless you are are sore loser. Tentrr Tip: To raise the stakes, let the person with the highest score (AKA the “loser) buy everyone a round of drinks after the game.

5:00pm - Pay Up!
Hey mini golf loser, time to buy your friend(s) some drinks! Hop on over to Millworks in Midtown Harrisburg, and get a round of brews, on you.

7:00pm - You’re Gonna Want A Pizza This
Italian “tapas”, charcuterie, and pizza - Cork and Fork has it all. We highly recommend getting a mix of meats and cheeses, followed by some small plates. At the end of your meal, grab a pizza to go and heat it up over the fire for a late night snack!