Here at Tentrr, we don't just tell the myth, we put it to the test. Many people believe that camping is uncomfortable, hard work. Some common worries include: the campsite won’t be secluded, the campsite will lack basic comforts like running water, the tent could fall down or leak, there won’t be anything to do, and there’s too much to pack. Perhaps, those who assume these things are not camping the best way they can. It’s time to bust these myths! Here are some facts that prove camping is dirt simple.

Tentrr campsites are private, and located on beautiful land. You don’t have to worry about searching for the perfect, secluded spot. You can relax and recharge in peace.
Tentrr’s sites are fully-equipped and ready for your arrival. That means you don’t waste time setting up and can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.
Not only is there one sturdy canvas tent with a queen bed, there is an extra dome tent for your family, friends, and dogs.
There’s much more to our sites than just tents and a bed. There are plenty of activities to make your stay more memorable, like, swimming, biking, fishing, and much more!
Think camping requires too much to pack? Tentrr’s sites have running, clean water, a fire pit with a grill, a sun shower: an outdoor shower with warm water heated by the sun, a picnic table, two comfy lounge chairs, and many other things to make your stay relaxing.

Get out there and see for yourself that camping can, in fact, be very comfortable. Go search, find, and book your next getaway, completely hassle free. Adventure awaits!

Myth = BUSTED!