We’ve been on Instagram for a minute, which means, we’ve posted and received lots of awesome campsite photos. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling our followers’ favorite campsites. Where do you want to camp next? Let us know in the comments.

1. Shady Knolls

If you’re looking for a secluded mountaintop experience with a killer view, then look no further. Shady Knolls is an Insta favorite with an abundance of trails.

2. Woodstock Mountains and Ponds

Whether you want to experience the soothing calm that comes with being totally submerged in nature or want to get your blood pumping by hiking and kayaking, Woodstock Mountains and Ponds has it all.

3. River Ranch

We think that River Ranch has a Wes Anderson kind of vibe to it. As the name suggests, this whimsical little campsite is on the river with world class fishing.

4. Mountainside

On the side of a mountain sits a campsite with a perfect view of the valley below. It’s a private space with wide-open skies. Where else can you find that?

5. Three Dog Knoll

Perfectly placed among rolling hills, this campsite is as fantastical as a Tolkien novel, with plenty of activities in the surrounding area from hiking to fishing.