If you and your loved one enjoy the outdoors and want a unique celebration that everyone will remember, a wedding at one of Tentrr’s campsites might be the perfect location for your nuptials. You could use wildflowers to decorate, exchange vows at sunset, let your friends and family roast marshmallows, and dance beneath the stars at the end of the night. So how do you pull off a memorable camp wedding? Here are some fun inspirations to make some lasting memories of your special day.

1. The Camping Wedding Location


The first step in planning your campsite wedding is to find the right campground. No matter where you choose, Tentrr is the perfect setting for your camping wedding. Our fully-equipped and private campsites make planning the perfect wedding easy. To make your guests comfortable, Tentrr gives plenty of room for your friends and family.


Pioneer Farm: If you’ve ever dreamed of having an outdoor wedding in a gorgeous open field surrounded by trees, then we got you covered. This campsite is picture perfect for your wedding, with plenty of space to host guests. Plus, Pioneer Farm has some killer trails that are great for a leisurely stroll after your wedding reception.

2. The Camping Wedding Dress


Planning a campsite wedding doesn't mean you can’t wear your dream gown. From bohemian to romantic, there are many bridal styles that will work for a campsite wedding. Just to make sure your dress is lightweight and altered to the correct length to avoid extra fabric dragging, and that your shoes are practical so the heels won’t sink into the grass.

Also, the look for a campsite groom should be something light and airy, but stylish. Dark colors are not necessary. Choosing light grey, white, or even cream would be a perfect choice. Try adding a light blue tie to make the look fresh and cool.

3. The Outdoor Wedding Menu


A great way to give your wedding a true camping feel is to keep the food simple, relaxed, and local. Look for local caterers that have experience with outdoor main events. You could try serving barbecue, camping foods such as grilled hamburgers, or create a menu based off seasonal, fresh foods. If your guests are vegetarians, grilled tofu steak and veggie kabobs would be a plus for the menu.

More importantly, don’t forget to prepare plenty of camping tables and chairs, or you could ask guests to bring their own chair.

4. The Wedding Cake


The possibilities for the desserts served at a campsite wedding are endless. You could, of course, serve a traditional wedding cake, or consider some creative options: a cake made of pre-made smores, a cake made of donuts, or even a cool, refreshing watermelon “cake,” where a whole watermelon is covered in frosting or whipped cream and sliced.

5. The Best Reception Activities


Now for the really fun part -- camp games and activities. These will depend on the size and age range of your wedding party, but Tentrr offers many options to choose from. You could have younger ones try horseback riding or road biking while the adults enjoy some adventurous fun like canoeing/kayaking, hunting, and skeet shooting.

When night falls, it can be awesome for setting up a dance floor. Make sure to bring your own power. You could DIY your own music or hire a professional DJ. No matter what you choose to do, it is important to keep your guests in mind. Try to include memorable dance hits that will resonate with your oldest and youngest guests.