Planning a trip to Crooked River Camp, Retreat On The Crooked River, or Wayshego on Little Mountain? Well, we have your weekend planned out for you.

10:00am - Breakfast at Cafe DiCocoa (Bethel, ME)

Mornings can be hard, we get that. Head over to Bethel, where your day of relaxation begins. Start your morning off with Cafe DiCocoa’s Almond Granola with Yogurt, or maybe The Happy Hiker bagel sandwich if you are feeling a bit more hungry.

11:30am - A Massage at Performance Massage & Skin Cayer

Setting up a campsite can be laborious.. Oh wait. Don’t worry, we understand the importance of relaxation. Book a 90 minute, Swedish massage with Becca for ultimate relaxation and prepare to fall into dreamland.

1:45pm - Pork Sundaes at Smoking Good Barbecue

Cornbread. Pulled pork. BBQ sauce. Baked beans. Coleslaw. Smoked cashews. You haven’t had BBQ until you’ve had this “pork sundae”. What looks like a small trailer on the side of the road is actually a BBQ joint packed with flavor. Settle yourself on one of their picnic benches, dig into your sundae, and enjoy that post-massage meal.

2:30pm - Rest Up at Davis Park
A massage and barbecue can really take a toll on a camper. Hopefully you brought a blanket and a book, because we’re sending you to Davis Park in Bethel to take a power nap before your evening begins. If you feel like driving back to your campsite, hang up a hammock and get to napping!

6:00pm - Grab A Brew With Your Boo
There’s been a lot of food today, we know. This place has brews and is close to your final destination, so you can definitely opt for a liquid dinner if you’re still full. Head over to Bridgton, and check out Bear Bones Beer for some house brewed beers before your final lazy adventure. Tentrr Tip: Try the Double C.R.E.A.M.

7:30pm - Double Header Movie Night
To cap off your day of relaxation, we are sending you to the drive-in movie theatre, Bridgton Twin Drive-In. They have two different screens, so check which movies you want to see on their Facebook, and get a good spot! Grab a snack at their snack bar if you’re starting to get hungry, and settle into a double header movie night with the locals.