Our office is filled with some badass women. We wanted to take this day to give thanks to the women in our lives and what they do for us. So we sat down with the women at Tentrr and asked them what Women’s Day means to them. These are the women that make Tentrr possible!

Lindsey, Customer Experience Extraordinaire

International Women's Day is a chance for all of us to take a pause and recognize the continuing impact of those who made a way. Without the contributions of women like Angela Davis, bell hooks, and Alice Walker, the doors might still be closed on being able to examine the woman's relation to society and nature.

Laurel, Customer Experience Extraordinaire

Women’s Day to me is a time of celebration, commemoration, pride, and above all: reflection. It is a day that signifies and brings attention to where we are as a society which for me, despite popular belief, is moving in a slow but steady drive forward.
Plus, isn’t it fun to have a day dedicated to us? To be proud of what we as individuals and a collective have accomplished? To think back, and say wow! We did that.

Anna, Head of Customer Experience


To me, International Women’s Day is both a chance to look back and reflect on the pioneers in women’s rights around the world and a chance to look forward toward the progress that still needs to be made. Women are showing up in previously male dominated areas, such as corporate jobs, politics, the arts, and even in outdoor sports and adventuring. We’re here to stay, and things are never going back to the old status quo of women staying in men’s shadows, but there’s still much to improve. Still much to improve but #gowomen!

Baxter, Head of PR

Women's Day is a chance for us to celebrate women's accomplishments and achievements throughout history that were overlooked.

Tiffany, Social Media Intern

For me, it is a celebration for women all around the world. Thanks to the women's movement, we can walk on the streets as equals to men and smile about the achievements of the women’s rights movement.

Alex, Social Media Intern


My favorite quote for Women’s Day quote: “When women support women, incredible things happen.” -Unknown

Barb, Scout

Women belong in leadership roles, in historically male dominated careers, and they belong outside! Too often still, enjoying and being competent in the outdoors is seemingly reserved for men. I've heard guys say they refuse to go on camping trips with girls, men have rushed to help me lift my pack when backpacking (I guess it didn't occur to them that I somehow got it there on my own), even my mom still prefers me to have male friends around when I go on hiking trips. Though I think we are definitely making strides in making the outdoors more accessible for everyone, we still have a ways to go. It can definitely at times be intimidating to be the only female on a camping trip, in a climbing gym, etc, especially if you are new to the environment. But if you are a lady that has always wanted to try some outdoor activity but hesitated because you didn't see any other women doing it, I challenge you to do it anyway! Chances are there are other women feeling the same way, and every woman making a place for herself in the outdoors is also making room for others like her!