New York State is best known for New York City. It is the most populated city in America and a center for tourism and trade. Just a couple of hours outside of the city, however, you will find some of the most naturally beautiful places in the world. This makes camping in NY state a great choice for anyone looking for adventure and beauty in the same place.

With Tentrr, you no longer have to worry about crowded public campgrounds or even bringing your own gear. Tentrr partners with private landowners that agree to allow campers access to their property. We give you the most private camping in NY with access to places nobody else can provide.

Tentrr helps you choose from a huge variety of places. You can bring your own gear or find one of Tentrr's fully equipped signature sites. Some of the activities include kayaking, fishing, and even golf depending on the place that you choose. You can find a primitive campsite with great hiking trails or some of the best family campgrounds in upstate NY.

Find the Perfect Campsite

No matter what type of camping experience you are looking for, you can find amazing private camping in NY with Tentrr. Here are some things to keep in mind when you're looking for a great Tentrr site to enjoy New York state forest camping.

Fully Equipped or Bring Your Own Gear

The vast majority of Tentrr camping opportunities are fully equipped campgrounds. In fact, Tentrr will have your tent set up before you arrive and will have everything you need for a great experience. You don't need to have your camping gear to enjoy some time in the outdoors when you opt for a private campground arranged through Tentrr.

Camp Anulyfe

Camp Anulyfe is a great example of one of the great five star, fully-equipped sites in New York where you'll be hosted by a private landowner. You arrive to a signature Tentrr tent kit in the middle of a mountain scene. You can reserve mountain bikes, use the grilling equipment to cook the perfect meal and settle into your queen bed inside the installed dome tent. The setting is serene and camping in the Adirondacks or NY state parks has never been easier.

Available Views

You can choose from a variety of views. Depending on the area, you can enjoy the mountains, a lake or even beaches near the ocean. On top of that, New York state forest camping has some of the most secluded and untouched natural beauty in America.

Emerald View

Another private campsite on Tentrr, Emerald View, is a great example. The high elevation in the middle of an area free of trees and homes provides a breathtaking view. The deck right outside of your tent is the perfect place to sit in a comfortable chair and look out at the beauty of nature.

Rivers, Ponds or Lakes

If being on or near the water is what you desire, Tentrr has plenty of options. No matter your reason for being near the water, you can find private camping in NY that is right next to rivers, ponds and lakes. You can take a canoe, bring your fishing gear or just enjoy looking out at the natural beauty of a rushing river or still lake.

Whispering Pines on Harrisburg Lake

Whispering Pines on Harrisburg Lake is the perfect place to sit next to the lake and soak in the beauty. Staying here is like having your own private lake. You can rent canoes or kayaks and even have the option to enjoy a breakfast buffet at the local lodge.

Incredible Hiking

Hiking is available at almost all New York state forest camping areas. Whether it be on pre-made hiking trails or just following a path that you create for yourself, hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy nature. Bring your hiking boots when you book a Tentrr signature site.

Look Out at Chill Hill

Visit Look Out at Chill Hill for some great New York hikes. If the name does not say it all, just look at the pictures. In fact, just a 20 minute hike can take you to some of the most beautiful peaks in New York.

Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world is right at your fingertips with secluded camping in NY. The best way to enjoy the beauty of New York State is to find a private spot that is far away from the crowds. Tentrr is the perfect way to find that perfect spot. We can help you find a place to camp by yourself, with your friends or with family.