Whoever thinks that escaping to nature isn’t romantic, is wrong. Whoever thinks that creating a romantic getaway is hard, hasn’t found Tentrr. Treat your special someone with a romantic getaway that is both unique and simple, as long as you listen to a few of our tips. Pick out your campsite, pack your bags, and get ready to sweep someone off of their feet.

First things first, let’s talk about atmosphere. We already have you covered with a comfortable bed, two Adirondack chairs, and seclusion. Now it’s your turn. Pick up a few candles such as these citronella candles, pick out a good playlist to set the mood, and don’t forget to maintain the fire! For an extra romantic trip, grab an extra blanket and hung up some solar string lights amongst the trees. Enjoy a meal and wine here, or just enjoy each others company.

They say that food is love. Now is your chance to wow your beau with your campfire cooking skills. However, don't settle for the standard camping meals of hotdogs and foil wrapped potatoes. Instead, try out one of these gourmet inspired meals. Not only are they delicious, but they are also easy enough to do for even the most novice campfire chef. If the thought of cooking over a fire makes you nervous, you can always opt for a hand picked picnic basket! Look into local farmers markets, and pick out some favorite snacks. Some CampKeepers even offer local goods as an Extra

Lastly, don't forget about camping basics. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful, romantic trip planned and forgetting firewood or bug spray. Keep checking your packing list, make sure there is enough of everything for two, and have the romantic getaway of your dreams!

Hopefully these tips will help you woo your boo! Let us know if you have any other tips for creating a romantic escape in the comments section.