Here at Tentrr we take pride in our whimsical and fun-loving nature. Every now and again, you need to play a prank and scare the pants off your camping buddies. These are some quick ideas you can do to make your friends scream.

1. Fake Spider


Okay, we get it—this is a little juvenile. But don’t underestimate the joy you can get from watching your friend freak out because they think a giant spider is on their shoulder. Or anywhere, really. A spider in an unexpected place is always a guaranteed scare. Please, don’t use a real spider…

2. Middle of the Night Scream Scare


This one takes zero preparation. Basically all you need to do is scream bloody murder in the middle of the night while your camping companion is fast asleep. Film their reaction for maximum enjoyment.

3. Put a Surprise in the Tent


Imagine coming back to your tent in the middle of the night to find a fake opossum chilling in your bed or sleeping bag. You can get as creative as you want with this. But remember, stuffed creatures only.

4. Clown Mask


Clowns are already scary, but put a clown in the woods and you’ll have a horrifying experience no one will soon forget.

What is your favorite camping scare? Tell us in the comment section below!