Hey CampKeeper! We hope you’re enjoying every moment of your Tentrr experience. We want to give you some tips and tricks to creating Extras for your campsite that will not only enhance your Campers experience, but also boost up your bank account.

Adding bedding as an extra for your Campers is a sure way to not only make them more comfortable, but also a way to earn a couple extra bucks. This is perfect for guests who are traveling from far away and have little space, for people who don’t have the required bedding, or even for those who just want a touch of luxury.

Food/Prepped Meals
Do you own a working farm? Or maybe have access to a garden? Providing your Camper with local food such as organic produce, homemade dairy products, or even some fresh steaks would really enhance any Tentrr experience. We love the idea of giving our Campers a taste of the community, and what better way to promote your business than to share your labors with your Campers?

Extra Tent Setup
If we’re being honest, one of the best parts about an experience with Tentrr is arriving to a set up campsite. This simple task is perfect for the Camper who may be arriving onto your site after dark, and is a great way to also double check and make sure the campsite is cleaned up and ready to go.

Water Activity Rentals
Kayaks and fishing and gear, oh my! It’s very unlikely that a Camper will come prepared with a kayak or rowboat. Dust off your equipment, double check that it is safe for use, and be prepared to be renting your equipment quite often!

Pick-Up/Drop Off
Did you know that a lot of city folk don’t even have their licenses? Maybe that’s just New York City. Regardless, offering a pick-up and drop off service from local train and bus stations not only gives you some extra cash, but will also help you get more bookings! This is also a great opportunity to meet your Campers, get to know them, and offer them some local recommendations.

It’s really the little things that make the biggest difference. Something as simple as offering firewood at your campsite can really make an experience that much more simple. This is also a great way to get rid of that leftover winter firewood.

Are you a natural born forager? Or have you played the guitar enough to consider yourself the next John Mayer? Give your Campers an experience that could possible be the start of their next hobby, and offer lessons for something you are skilled in.

If you can come up with even more ways to make a couple of extra bucks, please share them in the comments section!