Hey, CampKeepers! This one is for you. Did you know that creating an Instagram account for your campsite can help you get more bookings? We've rounded up a few Campkeeper-run Instagram accounts that you can look toward for inspiration. We'll even point out some parts that we love, so that you can implement them into your campsites Instagram!

Klee Meadow - Stamford, NY


First things first, let's acknowledge how beautiful this photo is. Posting beautiful, clear, and unique photos of your campsite will attract not only Instagram followers, but also potential Campers! Second of all, the usage of hashtags in this post is a great example of how to utilize this feature. There are relevant hashtags, however there are not too many that it overwhelms the viewer.

Little Woods Farm - Callicoon, NY


Again, such a great shot. However, what we really want to focus on here is the usage of the location (located underneath the Instagram handle). This specific campsite created their own location on Instagram so that users could track down this specific location, as well as the Instagram account. This is a great way for Campers to be able to show their followers where they are, and will also keep all of the photos of your campsite in one area.

Topo Pino Mountain Oasis - Chatham, NH


This one is truly a great example. Not only is the photo enticing, but they also included a location! What really makes this post stand out is that they highlight the amenities that they include with their site. Definitely try to highlight what makes your site unique, as this is what will truly draw in the Campers.

Hillsdale Hideaway - Hillsdale, NY


Don't you want to book a trip at this campsite just by looking at this view? This post is a great example for the types of photos you should post. Posting an example of what you would see from inside the tent is something that you want to brag about! We would love to see some more hashtags to get more traction, however the post alone is something worth mentioning.

O'Krekk Farm - Bangor, PA


The location. The hashtags. The snapshot of the view. O'Krekk Farm nailed it. Wouldn't you love to see this on your Instagram feed? We know we sure would. We love the added touch of tagging us in the caption! Great job, ya'll.