Dogs are known to be a man's best friend. They come everywhere with us: running errands, out to lunch, on a plane. Now, they come camping with you and Tentrr. We’ve created a few lists (we love lists) to help and inspire you for your next Tentrr adventure!

Tentrr Tips

  • Check in with your CampKeeper about the animals that frequent your campsite so that you can prepare properly! You don’t want to run into an unexpected visitor and be caught off guard
  • Walk your pup around your campsite while on their leash before letting them venture off on their own. This gives them time to take in all of the new smells and sights, and it helps you know the campsite even more
  • If your dog has never been camping or in the outdoors before, do a “trial run” by bringing him/her to a local park or nature reserve to see how they handle the new environment

Packing List

  • Extra towels and blankets
  • Collapsible food/water bowls
  • Airtight container for food
  • Biodegradable waste bags
  • An extra leash and stake (for those curious pups)
  • Flea/tick repellent
  • Extra identification/vaccination card


  • Play frisbee with your pup and your pals! This is even more fun if you happened to pick a campsite that is in a meadow or large clearing
  • If your campsite has water features, cool off your dog and play fetch by a stream or pond. Just make sure to dry them off before they go inside your tent!
  • Explore your campsite! This is new terrain for the both of you, so have fun adventuring together and exploring your surrounding