Camping tent rentals are an innovative way to enjoy nature without investing in a garage full of camping gear. Like renting an RV or kayak, renting a tent and the necessary camping gear makes accessing an occasional outdoor adventure all the more doable. Plus, it can solve a lot of problems that come with group camping trips.

We’ve listed the eight ways camping tent rentals are superior to permanently investing in a tent and the spectrum of other camping gear “trimmings” necessary to bed down comfortably under the stars.

Camping Tent Rentals by Tentrr

1. When you rent a tent you can try out different brands and styles to see if you want to make a long term commitment. The technology and quality that goes into creating outdoors gear has never been better. Lighter weights, easier set up and clever features have transformed tent design from the modest solo tent to the family-sized tent-a-saurus.

2. Camping tent rentals offer a vast range of styles, from a simple 2-person for a basic overnight to specialized bivouac-style solo tents. Family-sized and glamping tents are out there, too, as well as canvas wall tents for a more semi-permanent structure or a larger group.

Camping Tent Rentals from Tentrr

3. If you live in a tiny apartment or rarely camp, you can rent a tent and choose from a menu of accessories, from cookstoves to coolers. Smaller items like first aid kits, lanterns and cookware are all available, so it takes a lot of worry about what to buy or not buy, and what to bring along, for an occasional trip.

4. Camping tent rentals are a fabulous way to try out camping, whether you are completely new to it or it’s been thirty years since you stepped foot into a campground. Using rental gear will give you that first confident push to get outdoors no matter what season or destination you choose.

Camping Tent Rentals - Tentrr

5. Perhaps roughing it isn’t your style? Tent rentals cover a lot of the glamping basics, opening up a world of accessories and comforts. In most cases, a larger tent that doesn’t require crawling and fumbling with gear is the most in-demand upgrade. Most tent rental companies offer a selection of tents perfect for glampers who want a more spacious indoors.

6. Using a tent rental can help tremendously with trip planning. If you plan to backpack, you can rent the necessary gear for a well-planned foray – including all the accessories you may not own or want to purchase right away. If you are interested in kayaking a longer section of river, or spending a night on an island, you can enhance your boating gear with camping essentials and comforts.

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7. Lack of gear and inexperience are the two biggest barriers to getting your friends and family outdoors! When camping or glamping with friends, camping tent rentals solve a lot of problems. Inevitably someone in the group has no camping gear. With rentals, this problem is instantly solved, and reluctant or fair-weather campers will find that the right product turns camping into a fun way to spend a weekend or whole vacation.

8. Tent rentals, last but not least, enhance safety. It’s tempting when heading outdoors to take only what you can grab without ensuring your safety equipment is fully stocked and accessible. For example, tent rentals include reliable first aid kits, quality lighting sources, GPS systems, and bear canisters. You’ll find that choosing gear from a menu makes creating a safety net hassle-free.