Are you an adventurous one or need to please a family member who just can’t sit still? We’ve got you covered.  We explore some of the best outdoor activities near Houston, Texas, including hiking, camping, and other popular outdoor activities.

And while most outsiders think of Houston as a “concrete jungle” of sorts, we know that simply isn’t true! We’ve done our best to compile a list of the best green spots for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities near the Houston area.

So, without further ado… Houstonites, get ready. You’re about to get outside!


Camping in nature is synonymous to experiencing and exploring the outdoors.  The Houston area actually boasts an impressive list of campgrounds. There are hundreds of spots in the area for your urban to wilderness adventure.

Some of our top recommended camping sites include the Rio Bravo Ranch in the Texas desert, Lake Cisco campground near Fort Worth, and the Texas Treehouse Swings campground located on a sugar plantation! If campgrounds are not your thing, and would prefer to camp with more privacy and "room to roam", you can also consider the various options Tentrr provides for camping near Houston.


As mentioned, there’s more green space around the Houston area than many would guess. Over the past few months, hiking in Houston has become a popular pastime for many residents looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Take a trip to the nearby Sam Houston National Forest for some beautiful trails off the beaten (concrete) path or simply look for Texas campsites with hiking nearby.


Rent a kayak for a few hours (or for the whole day) and take it down Buffalo Bayou. This stretch is more than 50 miles long and almost travels the entire length of the city of Houston. Talk about a great way to sight-see from a different perspective. On this stretch, you’ll see Memorial Park, River Oaks, and Discovery Green Park downtown.  You can take a guided tour or go solo.

Horseback riding

Looking for something a little more active and sweaty? Taking a trip to Cypress Trails Ranch to go horseback riding seems up your alley. This ranch is in Humble, Texas, only about a 20-minute drive from the Houston core. This particular ranch offers a variety of rides for all levels of riders, including individual and group lessons.


Finally, for a more relaxed outdoor activity, consider heading to the Gulf of Mexico for a fishing session. You can hop on a guided or chartered boat for either a few hours or an entire day. Alternatively, you could just tag along in your own boat or head out for a dolphin sighting. No fishing equipment? No worries, these tours usually include everything you need to fish if required.

So, there you have it. Plenty of options for those outdoorsy types living in Houston and looking to get out into the great outdoors. There is plenty of hiking, camping, and outdoor activities in and around Houston. Enjoy the endless green space around the city and get out there to soak up some fresh air.