Making memories with your kids is more than just occupying their time with a game. It’s having fun with them, bringing out your inner child, and creating a bond. Here are some games that we think will leave an impression, and last a lifetime.

1. Giant Jenga


This is a simple and hilarious game that is only made better the larger the game gets. The rules are simple enough that youngsters can follow along, and they'll be sure to have a blast watching the blocks come tumbling down. Jenga is for certain fun for all ages.

2. Water Balloon Toss


You'll probably remember this game from the fun days called field day in elementary school. The rules are simple: toss the water balloon back and forth until one of you drops it. Remember to throw underhand, and don't forget that throwing the water balloon hard at your child is cheating. Make sure to clean up the balloons when done!

3. Flashlight Tag

Who hasn’t wanted to play this as an adult!? I’m sure you remember playing this at sleepovers when you were a kid. Just make sure you establish a certain distance you’re allowed to go, and you're all set!