Blackwater Falls State Park is a West Virginia state park, home of the 62-foot cascade waterfall of the same name and a massive, lush forest of red spruce. The Falls mark where the Blackwater River meets the very rugged Blackwater Canyon. It’s one of the most photographed areas in the state, and it makes sense why. Between the tannin-darkened water and the lush, beautiful mountainous pine-covered scenery, Blackwater Falls State Park is truly breathtaking. It’s clear why people flock to hike the 20 miles of hiking trails in the park during the spring and summer. There are even camping and cabin options available, and Tentrr is hard at work with the park’s management to build more camping accommodations for guests.

Blackwater Falls during the summertime.
Blackwater Falls during the summertime.

Interested in exploring some Blackwater Falls State Park trails? We put together a quick list of the best hikes in Blackwater Falls State Park and the best Blackwater Falls hiking trails for your upcoming visit.

The 5 Best Hikes in Blackwater Falls State Park

1. Balanced Rock Trip

One of many structured hiking trails along Blackwater Falls.
One of many structured hiking trails along Blackwater Falls.

This 2.5 mile trek is located around Davis, West Virginia. At 272-foot elevation, it features a beautiful forest setting and would be suitable for all hiking skills levels, children included. If you’re interested in a more leisurely hike for herping, nature observation, and photography, this is a great trail to pick.

2. Pase Point Trail

A moderately trafficked trail, Pase Point Trail spans 4.2 miles out and back and is situated near Davis. This trail features a beautiful lake, which is accessible year-round. The terrain can get a little intense on this trail, so we recommend only hiking this one if you’re moderately used to hiking. And at a 423-foot elevation, you’ll definitely start feeling the change in pressure on this trail.

3. Lindy Point Overlook

Wooden staircases that lead directly to the falls.
Wooden staircases that lead directly to the falls.

Looking for an easy, flat hiking trail? At 49 feet of elevation and only 0.8 miles of hiking space, Lindy Point Overlook is the perfect trail for kids, inexperienced hikers, dogs (leashed, of course) and slow walkers. This out and back trail features a river, tons of beautiful nature, and bird-watching hotspots. Just keep in mind that Lindy Point is one of the most heavily trafficked hiking trails in Blackwater Falls.

4. Elakala to Yellow Birch Trail

Elakala to Yellow Birch Trail is a nice little route for more experienced hikers. Less trafficked than Lindy Point, this trail is a loop trail with beautiful nature scenery, waterfalls, and a river. This trail is best hiked around April to October when the weather is temperature and the winds are relatively slow. Outside of these timeframes, the trail can get muddy and difficult to navigate. Elakala to Yellow Birch sits at 393-foot elevation and spans about 4.3 miles, so it probably wouldn’t be ideal for anyone other than experienced hikers.

5. Pase Point via Dobbin House Trail

Are you looking for a very easy trail with the best sights that Blackwater Falls State Park has to offer? Pase Point via Dobbin House Trail is incredibly easy to navigate, only spans about 3 miles out and back, and only sits at about 193 feet of elevation. This trail features an amazing forest setting and is mostly used for nature trips, herping, and bird watching. It’s a relatively flat trail with just a few rocky spots and a wonderful overlook that you’ll definitely never forget. The view from Pase Point is definitely unmatched.

Interested in camping around Blackwater Falls? You’re in luck! Tentrr is partnering with West Virginia state parks to add campsites to several of their parks, including Blackwater Falls! Check out the current Tentrr campsites that are available in West Virginia.

Photo sources: Unsplash, Unsplash, Flickr