You’re really not going to be expecting this. If you want a day filled with activities that you would never find in the city (hint: maybe one of them you could), then you need to follow this itinerary! Perfect for those camping at: Callicoon Mountainside Camp, Little Woods Farm, Frog Pond, Maggie's Meadow, Poet's Skyrock Organic Farm, Hummingbird Haven, Whispering Pines, or Camp Haven: Meadow Retreat.

10:00am - Bacony Biscuit Breakfast
...Try and say that three times. Get your morning started with a delicious Bacony Biscuit sandwich at Adella Dori on Lower Main Street in Callicoon. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with a delicious sandwich in a Pinterest-worthy cafe?

11:00am - This Will Alpaca Punch
You’ve read that right: you’re going to visit some fluffy friends. Take a quick drive up to Roscoe, and visit a working alpaca farm! You can pick up some warm socks for a chilly night, or just hang out with some fun farm animals.

1:30pm - Banh Mi Is For Me
Who would have thought that you could find a banh mi in Sullivan County, New York? Well, we found it! Come visit the New York City native Nhi Mundy’s Vietnamese restaurant Bà & Me for a Lemongrass Pork Banh Mi.

2:30pm - Time Travel To Woodstock
Let’s be honest, we all wish we could have gone to Woodstock. However, it’s your lucky day! We’re sending you to the Bethel Woods Center For The Arts, a museum that shows the history of the festival. While here, you’re even able to take a trip (a walk) to the actual festival grounds. Rad!

5:00pm - It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere…
A vintage, handset bowling alley? Crafted cocktails? A local menu based on the season? North Branch Inn is your last stop for the evening. Start off at the bar with their Elder Old Fashioned, and enjoy the property and activities before you head off to dinner. Tentrr Tip: Make a reservation for dinner!