Those looking for a cathartic break from the commotion of New York City will love doing some backcountry camping upstate.

This style of camping typically requires that you bring your equipment. You pay the camp keeper an agreed-upon fee, and then set up your tent somewhere in the wild—far away from the stresses of your job and life in the city.

Tentrr is your key to finding the best backcountry camping in New York. The sites in this list will give you just a taste of the 40+ great Tentrr destinations you can choose from, for your next city escape.

1. Your Own Wilderness

Backcountry camping in New York

This backcountry Tentrr site is easy to access because you can drive right up to the campground and pitch your tent in the flat fields. You’ll find this campground a few miles northwest of the small, picturesque town of Windham, in the eastern region of New York State.

This campsite holds up to 14 campers, and you’re allowed to set up a fire pit, providing you clean up after yourself.

Nature-lovers will appreciate the nearby stream that trickles alongside the camping field. You’ll find several ideal spots for swimming in this small river. Those who’d prefer to walk off their large breakfast will enjoy the nearby hiking trails in South Mountain State Forest and Bates State Forest.  

2. River Pines

Tent camping in New York

You’ll find this gorgeous, secluded campground near the tiny village of Hillsdale, right next to the Massachusetts/New York State border. This backcountry site holds up to 9 campers, and the camp owner offers various handy extras, including dried firewood bundles and a liquid waste bag.

There’s a compost toilet on-site, and you’ll find access to parking nearby. The campground is pet-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about leaving your dogs at home or finding a sitter.

The site is nestled in amongst eastern white pine trees and lies along the banks of the Green River. An ideal place to kick your feet up and relax in the solitude of nature.

3. Moosetrax Camp Grounds

Backcountry Tentrr camping in New York

Those seeking out a relaxing backcountry experience will love the Moosetrax site. It’s situated right beside the Moose River, near the Adirondack Mountains.

This site is exceptionally well-equipped for a backcountry campground, with a picnic table, gas stove, tank of propane, outdoor shower, and fire pit included. You can sit around the fire with your friends and family, eating the burgers you’ve cooked on the weather-resistant gas stove.

This site does have parking, but during the snowy winter months, chances are you won’t be able to get to the campground by car. So, plan accordingly and bring all the cold weather equipment you'll need.

On the warmer days of the year, fans of water sports will love rafting on the Moose River, while mountain bikers will appreciate the well-maintained forest trails nearby.

4. Country House Field with Pond

Tentrr backcountry camping in NY

Those seeking a quick weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of New York City will love this Newburgh campsite. This quiet, wooded site is situated around 70 miles north of the Big Apple.

The site holds up to 8 campers and lies right next to a tranquil pond. The campground is nestled among wildflower meadows, tall marshland grasses, and an attractive, leafy forest.

You’ll find this site really easy to access, with the NY-747 taking you right by the old, quaint country house. There’s plenty of space for parking on-site, and you can bring your pets along for the adventure.

The Takeaway

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from big city life and head out along the backroads and into the mountains and forests upstate. This list shows just a few of Tentrr's picturesque backcountry camping options across New York. If you want to see all 40+ options, go browse through Tentrr's full list of backcountry campsites in New York.