Enjoy a day filled with not only New York State’s history, but also the United States’. Don’t let the word “history” scare you away! This day is calm and easy, perfect for the camper who is trying to escape a hectic life. If you’re staying at Beaver Pond EcoCamp, Moore Farm, The Old Game Farm Wooded, Sacred Hollow, Creekside Thyme, or Featherbed Land and Trust, this is definitely the day for you!

10:00am - Make A Milk Run
Start your day off with breakfast at The Milk Run, a family-run restaurant with the most delicious Sausage Gravy & Biscuits you can find within miles.

12:00pm - Horses and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!
Go on over to the Bailiwick Animal Park, home to over 40 exhibits of exotic and domestic animals. Get a close-up & learn more about the animals at the park from majestic Bengal Tigers to bears to cute bunnies. Hopefully this is the first (and only) time during your trip that you’ve seen a bear!

2:00pm - In Pizza We Crust
Grab a slice or two, or five (we don’t judge), at Mama’s Boy Pizza in Tannersville. Experience the taste of New York style pizza up in the Catskills. Great food in the middle of the great outdoors!

3:30pm - New York State of Mind
Explore and learn more about the human and natural history of the Empire State through means of art, science, and history at The New York State Museum in Albany.
Established in 1836, it is the oldest and largest state museum in the country. Who would have thought your campsite was so close to this much history?

5:30pm - Get to The Point
Get a taste of history at The Point, a restaurant named after its towns 1931 name -- alluding to where the original passenger train connected New York with the rest of the country. Their Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp and Burrata Ravioli are worth creating a museum on their own! Try them out, and leave a comment on this post with your reviews.