Part II of Peak Season

Catch the first leaves. With Peak Season ramping up, the fall is a great time to enjoy the Adirondacks. Obviously, the foliage is one reason to enjoy this season – the blaze of color draws leaf peepers from all over – but it’s also a good time to try spot some local wildlife.

Often referred to as the backyard of New York and Boston, the 6 million acres of Forever Wild Adirondacks is one of the largest boreal forests in the world. It’s also home to a multitude of woodland creatures that sound like they could be 90s indie bands.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a poll to test your Adirondack animal and indie band knowledge.

Book one of our Tentrr sites to catch the foliage and possibly a sighting of one of these amazing Adirondack animals:
Moose, Beaver, Star-nosed Mole, Snowshoe Hare, Little Brown Bat, Red & Gray Fox, Skunk, Bobcat, River Otter, Muskrat, American Mink, Marten, Ermine, Fisher and Flying Squirrel.

If you snap any, please share with us. And, of course Grizzly Bear is a band and a real animal - it's just not an Adirondack one ;)