The Susquehanna River is rightfully considered as one of the premier destinations for camping in Pennsylvania. It is the longest major river on the East Coast, measuring a whopping 444 miles. It’s also popular spot for hikers and fans of nature, and for good reason. The environment along this river is absolutely incredible to experience, with tons of unique landscapes and wildlife.

If you’re considering camping Susquehanna River, we recommend going for it! We even put together a list of our top reasons to enjoy a Susquehanna camping trip this summer.

A Relaxing Way to Get Outside

If you love camping for the relaxing qualities, opting for a campsite along the Susquehanna could be the best way to chill out and enjoy nature.

There are also a number of excellent, calm, relaxing outdoor activities to try on your camping trip as well. From boating to walking trails, you can easily enjoy a chill day on the water by exploring the Susquehanna River Trail. No equipment is needed, either-- there are many shops in Wormleysburg that rent out kayaks and other water-based equipment for tourist use.

Just as well, taking a simple stroll along the Susquehanna is another relaxing option. There are tons of birds and other wildlife along the river. We recommend following the Susquehanna River Birding and Wildlife Trail to find the best hotspots for wildlife and views of the river.

Excellent River Views

The views of the river from the campsites are beautiful enough, but you can really enjoy the river by seeing it up close and personal.

The Hiawatha paddlewheel riverboat is a popular cruise option for those who want to really experience the river. This boat tour is a charming one, complete with fascinating facts about the river and terrific views. You can also enjoy karaoke, brunch, and concerts aboard the Hiawatha as well! The Hiawatha docks in Williamsport at the edge of the Susquehanna State Park.

Enjoy Tasty BBQ the Pennsylvania Way

Who said food couldn’t be a motivator for a camping trip? Skeeter’s Pit BBQ is a great spot to try if you decide to camp near Shamokin Dam in PA. Here, campers can enjoy wood-fired BBQ and a breathtaking view of the river from right inside the restaurant, or via the outside patio on warm and pleasant days. The only thing more unforgettable than the food at this spot is the view of the river.

You Can Camp Very Close to the River

Camping in the woods is fun, but part of the appeal of the Susquehanna River is being able to view it. The Susquehanna River Traill Association manages twenty-three different campsites on many of the small islands on the river that span from Sunbury to Harrisburg. If you want an immersive experience and want to camp right on the river, we recommend checking out two campsites: Ferry Woods North and Ferry Woods South.

Need a boat to get around and explore? River Edge RV Park and Marina in Winfield offers different rental kayaks for tourists.

Family-Friendly Campgrounds

Central Pennsylvania has quite a few campgrounds available for Susquehanna River camping excursions. A few popular family-friendly campgrounds include:

● Centre County Grange Park. Located in Centre Hall, PA, this campground boasts spacious RV sites, electricity and water hookups, and shuttle buses.
● Fantasy Island Campground. Located in Sunbury, PA, this campground boasts clean campgrounds, over 100 hookup sites, patios, laundry rooms, showers, and lodges with free WIFI and pools.
● Gray Squirrel Campsites. Located in Beavertown, PA, this campground boasts peaceful fishing spots, mountain hikes along Jack’s Mountain, and a variety of lodging options.
● Hidden Valley Camping Restor. Located in Mifflinburg, PA, this campground boasts camping amenities, Susquehanna River activities, and options for families. Enjoy hookups in even the most primitive and isolated camping spots in the woods!
● Knoebels Campground. Located in Elysburg, PA, this campground boasts park tours, 570 different camping sites, and tons of beautiful scenery and hiking opportunities.

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect campground, we recommend browsing a Susquehanna River camping map.

Unique Camping Experiences

There are tons of incredible camping experiences to behold along the Susquehanna!

For fans of fishing, the possibilities are endless. There are many different fishing spots that are ideal for both the newbie fisher and the experienced pro. Here, you’ll find native brook trout in abundance, as well as smallmouth bass and even flathead catfish. We recommend fishing in Harrisburg, where there are many different top-tier fishing sites available.

Another unique camping experience along the Susquehanna has to be the incredible bike trails. Bikers can easily trek along the river from Harrisburg and take in some really incredible sights. Bike-friendly trails are located all over the area, but the Capital Area Greenbelt is one particularly popular spot.

Check out our campsites in Pennsylvania if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind camping experience!

Sunbury Amphitheater Offers Incredible Views

The Amphitheater is located at Chestnut Street in Sunbury, PA. This special spot is at the end of a one-mile trail that is excellent for walking and biking. Once you reach the end of the trail, you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular views of the river from a 300-foot pier. If you love taking photos and want to find the best spot to view the river, the Amphitheater is worth checking on on your trip.

Susquehanna River really is a great spot for camping. When you’re ready to start camping in Pennsylvania, book your adventure with us today!

Photo source: Pixabay