When camping in the Poconos, PA area, there are so many beautiful natural sights to behold. In addition to wildlife and beautiful lush green woods, there are also a number of very beautiful waterfalls in the area.

In fact, you’ll be able to find hundreds of incredible waterfalls in the Pennsylvania area, and the Poconos has some of the most stunning waterfalls in the state.

If you want to visit some spectacular waterfalls in Poconos, PA but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the seven best waterfalls to visit when camping in the Poconos!

Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls is one of Pennsylvania’s most well-known waterfalls and has even been nicknamed “The Niagara of Pennsylvania.” It certainly makes sense why-- This massive waterfall is actually a group of eight different waterfalls within a privately-owned park that spans 300 acres.

To visit Bushkill Falls, you only need to pay a small entrance fee to enter the park. You’ll need to walk through two miles of gorgeous, scenic trails to reach the falls, but the walk is pleasant and perfect for inexperienced hikers or children. The park is also full of boardwalks and bridges. Keep in mind that you will need to trek up some stairs in order to get the best view of the falls.

To find Bushkill Falls, simply follow the main trail to the Main Falls. The Main Falls are about 100 feet high and water crashes into a beautiful gorge surrounded by native Pennsylvania flora. We recommend taking your time on your trek, as there are many sights to see and the vibe of the park is very relaxing.

Buttermilk Falls

No, Buttermilk Falls doesn’t actually dispel milk, but the fast current of the falls does result in frothy, powerful white water streams.

Buttermilk Falls is one of two different waterfalls in Lehigh Gorge State Park. Simply walk the Lehigh Gorge Trail in to find the falls-- it’s a very easy walk upstream from the Rockport Access Area. We recommend parking in the parking lot and following the third-of-a-mile trek across the nearby bridge in order to get a better view of the falls for photos and video.

Buttermilk Falls is a 50-foot waterfall with crashing waters over a rocky cliff, cushioned by thick vegetation and native Pennsylvania plants. The sights are absolutely incredible. This is a great Poconos camping spot for families, due to the easy walk.

Luke's Falls

One of the best Poconos camping waterfalls to explore has to be Luke’s Falls. Tucked snug in the Lehigh Gorge just a little ways away from Buttermilk Falls, this waterfalls is about a third of a mile downstream and very easy to find.

You can enjoy incredible views from the bridge and snaps some photos of this 50-foot waterfall. Just keep in mind that the plant life is very thick in this area, so getting a good shot may be difficult during autumn and summer. That’s why we recommend visiting this fall from winter to early spring.

Luke’s Falls and Buttermilk Falls are great spots to check out if you don’t want to deal with very long hikes, as these falls are very easy and quick to access from trails.

Shohola Falls

Located below Shohola Lake near State Game Lands, you’ll find this stunning waterfall. To visit Shohola Falls, simply follow the one-mile loop trail through the woods and listen for the sound of thundering water.

Shohola Falls is one of the Poconos’ best waterfalls and is a very impressive waterfall to visit at any time of the year. When you decide to venture from your Poconos campgrounds on your trip to visit these incredible falls, make sure that you trek to the ledge in the front of the falls to get the best possible view. If climbing isn’t your thing, you can also enjoy great views of the falls from either side of Shohola Creek, particularly from the west side.

Hawk Falls

One of the best Poconos camping state parks has to be Hickory Run State Park, which is the home of the small but still quite impressive Hawk Falls. These 25-foot falls are picturesque, along with the natural environment that surrounds it.

To access Hawk Falls, simply park in the parking lot near Route 534. Take a quick sixth-of-a-mile walk along Hawk Falls Trail, which is a beautiful forested hike that is very enjoyable for the sights alone. In fact, this old trail used to be the man route used by wagons moving from the small town of Jim Thorpe many years ago. Once you get closer to the falls, we recommend crossing the wooden bridge that sits over Hickory Run and climbing down the hill to a rockier area a bit away from the trail to get the best view.

Dingmans Falls

If you’re camping near the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, you need to check out Dingmans Falls. Dingmans Falls is the second tallest waterfall in the entire state and is easily accessed via a boardwalk. This natural beautiful falls 130 into a pool below and is a great place to swim and take some excellent photos.

Raymondskill Falls

The tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania, the 150-foot Raymondskill Falls boasts three different drops and several breathtaking pools. You might have some trouble getting a good view of the bottom drop, but there are several excellent viewing areas that offer some killer views of this famous waterfall. There are other, smaller, but still beautiful waterfalls to view upstream from Raymondskill Falls as well.

We hope you add some of these amazing waterfalls to your list for your next Poconos camping trip. If you’re ready to start camping in Pennsylvania, book your adventure today!

Photo source: Pixabay