While falling asleep to car horns has its charm, sometimes you need to just sleep in a wide open space. We have nothing against the Big Apple, but if the only nature you see is on your desktop wallpaper, you’re in need of an upstate trip. Trade the sound of endless construction for bird calls and the rustle of trees. Let the concrete jungle have another sleepless night while you’re sitting by an open fire, roasting s’mores and sipping on whisky.

1. New Paltz

Mohonk New_Paltz

New Paltz Is a village in Ulster County, but the quaint description of a New York village isn’t nearly enough to convey the charm of this place! It’s also home to Huguenot Street - the oldest continuously inhabited street in the US. New Paltz is that quiet tourist attraction that offers breathtaking scenery that’ll make you fantasize about retiring here.

Distance from NYC: 1 h 30 m, 78 miles

Things to do: swimming, hiking, biking or yoga at Minnewaska State Park and Mohonk Preserve, wine tasting at Robibero Family Vineyards, leisurely strolls through the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

Where to stay: Mill Trail Falls, Grotto View at Stone Mountain

How to get there: 87 N, Exit 18 towards NY-299 W/Main st

2. Callicoon

Frog Pond

Originally formed in 1842, Callicoon is a little town inside Sullivan County. In the southeastern part, you’ll find the village of Jeffersonville, named after Thomas Jefferson. Beyond its history, the one of a kind architecture of Callicoon has been preserved since the town’s inception, featuring colonial architecture, classic bluestone buildings, and gorgeous stone masonry. Distance from NYC: 2 h 12 m, 111 miles

Things to do: horseback riding at Bridle Hill Farm, drinks and local brews at Callicoon Brewing Company, Delaware River tubing/boatlaunch

Where to stay: Maggie’s Meadow, Little Woods Farm, Frog Pond

How to get there:

By car
NY- 17 W take exit 100 A NY- 52/ Liberty

By bus
Coach Shortline from Port Authority, NYC to Callicoon

3. Bethel

weekend getaways in NYC | Tentrr

Sound familiar? That’s because Bethel was home to the 1969 Woodstock Festival. That’s right! Woodstock didn’t take place in Woodstock, New York, but in the small farming town of Bethel at the Woodstock Audience field!

Distance from NYC: 2h, 100 Miles

Things to do: tours and tastings at Catskill Distillery Company, live music and drinks at Dancing Cat Saloon, relive Woodstock at the Museum of Bethel Woods

Where to stay: Woodstock Mountains and Ponds, Pond View

How to get there:

By car
NY- 17W to Exit 104

By bus
Coach Shortline from Port Authority, NYC to Bethel

4. Delhi


All the towns on this list are full of friendly folks, but Delhi is especially friendly. If you’re interested in a little local history, head to Delaware County Historical Center. It’s an hour well spent, and we recommend engaging with the staff who are happy to talk to you about the museum and their town’s history.

Distance from NYC: 2h 45m 149 miles

Things to do: hiking at Watauga Falls, readings at Bright Hill Press, become a history buff at the Delaware County Historical Center

Where to stay: Three Whiskers

How to get there:

By car
NY- 17W to Exit 16

By bus
Trailways from Port Authority, NYC to Delhi

Insider Tip: Check out this swimming hole!

5. Bovina

Bovina Town View

The name originates from an observation made by the American politician Erastus Root, who noted that the space was perfect for cow grazing. While the human population is in upper six hundreds, Bovina is true farming country - home to many cows, chickens and horses.

Distance from NYC:3h 3m 145 miles

Things to do: Take a tour of Burns Family Farm, grab some great food Brushland Eating House, go antique shopping at Fisk Auctions or Kabinet & Kammer, shop vintage clothing at Clementine, feed the sheep at Green Shepard Farm

Where to stay: Fire Watch Meadow

How to get there:

By car
I- 87 N and NY- 28 W

BONUS: Hobart

tentrr Hobart

If you’d like to escape any chance of hustle and bustle, we recommend this location. This village has a population of less than 500!

Distance from NYC: 3h 16m, 155 miles

Things to do: explore local history at the Hobart Masonic Hall, stroll through the Royal Tasmanian Garden,

Where to stay: Hayfield

How to get there:

By car
I-87 N to NY-28