If you’ve ever looked at inland Florida on a map, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that there’s an abundance of green space. Well, if not, we’re here to tell you: there’s a ton of nature and camping in Florida. From swamp preserves to a vast amount of lakes, Florida seems almost made for the camper itching for a weekend away in the woods (or another of Florida’s many landscapes).

This article explores some of Tentrr’s special signature, partner, and backcountry sites throughout inland Florida. You’ll soon learn that Florida, also known as The Sunshine State, has plenty on offer for you and your family/friends to explore.

Here are our top Florida camping listings to check out!

S’More Memories Camp

This is a Tentrr signature site. What does that mean?

Tentrr signature sites are fully equipped with Tentrr’s extensive camping kit. At a signature site, you have access to amazing on-site amenities including a canvas tent, queen bed, wood stove, adirondack chairs, cooking gear, a shower, a bathroom, and much more (click the link above to view the full listing)!

S’More Memories Camp, owned and operated by our Campkeeper, Twinkle, is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Here, you get marsh views, river access, and the experience of camping in a thickly forested area.

Your Campkeeper offers extras such as firewood, an extra mattress, and kayaks for a fee.

Home Field Advantage Farmstead

Home Field Advantage Farmstead is a Tentrr partner site. These are privately owned glampsites that usually have modern amenities located on the property. In this case, your Campkeeper is Jennifer, who takes a liking to sharing their farmstead through agritourism.

This farm is located in North Florida near pristine natural springs and larger rivers. A highlight is definitely the immediate access to various hiking and biking trails. Also, enjoy access to an outdoor shower, full bathroom, a grill, and other cooking gear. WiFi is available but tends to be a bit inconsistent depending on location.

Overall, at only 20 bucks a night, this is a great spot to check out.

Skyland Ranch Deep Ravine

Another partner site, Skyland Ranch Deep Ravine is located on the Florida Deep Ravines, just a short drive away from the Gulf of Mexico and the Apalachicola River. This site features an awesome canvas tent that’s air-conditioned/heated and will comfortably sleep up to 6 people. The site also contains other amenities akin to our signature site setup: adirondack chairs, a shower, toilet, and deck.

Skyland’s Campkeeper, Craig, loves nature and is always thrilled to share his land with visitors. His land features various tree species, hiking trails, and the opportunity to adventure among swamps, rivers, lakes and bays through Craig’s customized expeditions.

Note that your Campkeeper offers extras including fishing opportunities, berries, guided hikes, and yes, expeditions such as boat cruises and river tubing.

Stagecoach Junction Site 1

Let’s move right along to our wild camping offerings. Our backcountry sites feature less amenities, yet greater opportunity to get even closer to the rawness of the elements. This is a great way to experience camping in Florida.

Stagecoach Junction in particular is a great spot to experience this type of camping. Here, near Live Oak, campers get to experience the surrounding oaks and pines as well as the opportunity to see deer, possums, and gopher tortoises. Nearby activities include hiking and mountain biking.

Common Ground Farm

This wild camping in Florida contains more amenities than our more common backcountry sites. For example, your Campkeeper, Pat, offers campers a shower, bathroom, and outdoor kitchen (fridge, gas and grill).

Common Ground Farm is located in Deland Florida and is a working community-supported CSA. Sites are nestled under beautiful oaks. The location is very ideal for many campers, being only 10 minutes from downtown Deland, 1 hour away from Disney World, and 30 minutes away from Saint Johns River.