Did you know that we offer Niagara falls camping located in beautiful upstate New York? This region of New York is renowned for its astounding beauty, low population (as compared to the New York City metropolitan area), and, yes, access to the unforgettable views of Niagara falls on the border of Canada.

Grab your partner for a romantic camping getaway! We’ll cover both Tentrr backcountry sites as well as signature sites for camping that fits any mood!

Creek Side at the Farm

Creek Side at the Farm is a Tentrr backcountry site located near Oak Orchard Creek, famous for its world-class salmon, steelhead, and brown trout fishing. This Niagara falls camping is located about an hour away from Niagara falls. It is ideal camping for those keen on fishing, biking (on nearby Erie Canal towpath), and visiting farmers markets in the area. Plenty of hiking is also on offer.

Natural features of the area are diverse. You’ll experience meadows, forests, ponds, lakes, and, as previously mentioned, creeks. Your CampKeeper, Edward, rents out horse trailers, campers, ATVs, and snowmobiles to interested campers. Edward is a true outdoorsman who can’t wait for you to see all of his surrounding natural resources!

Tall Grass at The Farm

Tall Grass at The Farm is another site located on CampKeeper Edward’s property. All activities previously mentioned are on offer, but campers at this site will be camping in a picturesque meadow rather than a more forested creek side.

This Niagara Falls camping is also located approximately 1 hour away from the falls and is a comfortable backcountry site where you can reside among the soft grasses.

A Hilltop View

A Hilltop View is popular Tentrr signature site camping where you’ll have access to our full signature kit including a large canvas tent (complete with a queen-size bed and wood stove), camp table, adirondack chairs, fire pit, camp grill, shower, camp loo, and many more amenities for a cozy, glamping-esque experience. This Niagara Falls camping is located an hour away from the falls.

This campground features vast open meadows (25 acres!) and is a short drive to the Cascades of Attica, Genesee County Park, and Forest Trail for excellent hiking. Campers may also choose to visit the nearby town of Varysburg to really take in the lifestyle of the locals.

Your CampKeeper, Kelly, offers all kinds of extra amenities for decent prices including morning coffee, farm fresh eggs, firewood, and a cooler full of ice.

Camping in the Pines

This is another Tentrr signature site that provides the full Tentrr setup. Camping in the Pines is located 1 hour from Niagara Falls. Here, campers seek out the comfort of our deluxe kit setup where they have easy access to Lake Erie and Evangola State Park. This is a secluded 7-acre property where you will experience multiple types of scenery: ponds/lakes, forests, meadows, and even the beach at Lake Erie!

One of our campers reported that the CampKeeper, Pia, is extremely welcoming: “We arrived and everything was already set up by Pia: the bed was made, there were logs in the fire pit, the Tentrr loo and the shower were prepared for us. In the campfire area, she left a cooler filled with ice and a pile of firewood. Inside the tent, there was a jug of water for us as well as kindling for the fire. She even left a note on the bed welcoming us and giving us directions to the trails.”

Streamside Historic Erie Railroad Getaway

Let’s end this list with one last Tentrr Backcountry site, and an extremely beautiful one. This site is a secluded campsite set beside a broad stream and historic railway line. Despite its claim to wildness, this backcountry site contains wifi access and a restroom. Here, just over an hour away from Niagara Falls, you’ll feel blissfully nestled into the beautiful forest along the constant sound of peaceful stream.

Here, campers love to wander along the abandoned Erie Railroad bed. Other campsite features include plenty of flat space for pitching tents, a small building to store gear, a firepit and wood, as well as a nice spot for family gatherings. Dogs are welcome!