Venturing to the beautiful trails of Minnewaska State Park in New York and the surrounding area can be a beautiful way to spend a weekend or an entire week. At Mill Trail Falls near Minnewaska State Park, you can enjoy a private creek and waterfall while exploring the local trails. This private campsite offers plenty of amenities and outdoor exploration, and Tentrr can help you connect for a unique vacation on private land.

While you're at Mill Trail Falls, there are some unforgettable hikes for you to take on. Here are some of the best Minnewaska State Park trails for you to enjoy.

1. Verkeerderkill Falls and Sam's Point Hike

This popular trail is a great option for people camping near Minnewaska State Park. One of the best trails in Minnewaska State Park, it is a moderate, 8.3-mile loop hiking trail. This trail gets close to the mountain's edge and provides some dramatic, beautiful views. It's a great option for people who want to explore a Minnewaska State Park waterfall and the views that come with it. There are plenty of Instagram-ready cliffs here for people who want to make the most of their photos. If you want to bring your pup, you're allowed to do so if you keep them on their leashes.

•Difficulty: Moderate
•Distance: 8.3 miles
•Type of route: Loop
•Elevation: 994 feet
•Location of trailhead: Sam's Point Road

gertrudes noes trail
Gertrude's Nose Loop

2. Gertrude's Nose Loop

This popular loop trail has some extra difficulty, and it is a popular option for people enjoying Minnewaska State Park camping. Take out your Minnewaska State Park map and hike along the edge of Gertrude's Nose. This is one of the most notable rock formations in the area. There are great views here, looking to the west across the Palmaghatt Ravine. With large rocks along the edges, you'll walk along cliff areas and see ravines, pines, forest and a lake. It's important to keep your eyes out for children and on-leash dogs while on this trail that offers memorable views.

•Difficulty: Moderate to hard
•Distance: 7 miles
•Type of route: Loop
•Elevation: 1,138 feet
•Location of trailhead: Lake Minnewaska Carriage Road

3. Lake Minnewaska Loop Trail

For those looking for the best trails in Minnewaska State Park, this can be a great option for people of all skill and ability levels. You'll hike directly around Lake Minnewaska and enjoy the wildflowers in the area. You'll see hemlock, mountain laurel and pine here. This flatter trail still offers a lot of lookout areas and great lake views, and it's a great option for people with children or novice hikers. This dog-friendly trail also allows mountain biking. It's great to explore this trail from April to October when you can get the best view of the lake.

•Difficulty: Easy
•Distance: 2 miles
•Type of route: Loop
•Elevation: 259 feet
•Location of trailhead: Beacon Hill Carriage Road

awosting lake
Awosting Falls. Photo: bobistraveling

4. Upper Awosting, Lake Awosting and Castle Point Loop

These Minnewaska State Park hiking trails are also well-suited for cross-country skiing or lake swimming, so they can be a great option all year round. It offers beautiful views of Upper Awosting Lake and a great resting point in the lake area as well, with facilities for hikers to take a break. Castle Point Rock, part of this trail, features mountain views. You'll enjoy waterfall views as well as small creeks and rocky overhangs on this moderately difficult trail.

•Difficulty: Moderate
•Distance: 10.8 miles
•Type of route: Loop
•Elevation: 869 feet
•Location of trailhead: Lake Minnewaska Carriage Road

5. Carriageway Circuit Trail

Start off on the Sunset Carriageway to enjoy this loop trail with lots of activities. The trail is suitable for people of all skill levels camping near Minnewaska State Park. You can enjoy cross-country skiing, horseback riding, mountain biking and swimming along this trail. Lake views are a big part of the experience here, and the roads are well-maintained and wide. People enjoy a lot of activities here, and you're welcome to bring your dog on a leash.

•Difficulty: Easy
•Distance: 9 miles
•Type of route: Loop
•Elevation: 1,079 feet
•Location of trailhead: Sunset Carriageway

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